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Butterfly Box of 20 Biscuits

Butterfly Box of 20 Biscuits

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Box of 20 fresh, delicious vanilla sugar biscuits. Designed to a colour of your choice!

*Sprinkles and design may vary, may not be exactly as the photo please state your preferences in the notes*

Please put the following details in the order box:-

  • Choice of 2 colours (colour of base & colour of butterfly)
  • Date required (please note, this must be 3 days in advance, please email first if requiring last minute orders before ordering on our site) 
  • Confirm that there are no allergies

Important info:

Bakes contain Dairy, Egg & Gluten, please drop us an e-mail with any questions about ingredients that you may have. 


As the nature of these products are postal, please take this into consideration when you receive your parcel, it will not arrive exactly how the product has been photographed.

Each product is individually wrapped in a cellophane bag and placed in bubble wrap envelopes. Recipients will have to unpackage this.

Orders placed after Friday 12pm will not be processed until Monday, orders placed on the weekend will not be shipped until Tuesday

Additionally, we CANNOT control the handling of parcels by the courier or the temperature these items are stored in through transit, so there is a small possibility that products can be damaged. However, this is a rare occurrence and the likelihood of it happening to your parcel is very low, as we package our items very carefully to avoid this.

We are also during a period where postal services are running a slightly slower. All our products are posted to you first class, however even this service is taking 2-3 days minimum, please be patient, we hope this will return to normal soon. If this is something you are unhappy with then please refrain from ordering through these uncertain times.


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