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Cupcake Charls

50 Individually Packed Wedding Favours

50 Individually Packed Wedding Favours

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Indulge in the exquisite delight of personalised vanilla shortbread wedding favor biscuits, the perfect treat to celebrate your special day. These meticulously crafted biscuits are a delightful combination of buttery richness, delicate vanilla flavor, and a personalized touch that will leave a lasting impression on your guests, and decorate your wedding reception tables beautifully. 

You can carefully select your chosen colour theme below, and whether you would like name or initials personalisation for the biscuits. The biscuits are individually handcrafted with your special date.

Each packet is finished off with a "Thank you for celebrating with us" tag, as we believe those small finishing touches make everything feel that little bit more complete.

Please put the following details in the order box:

  • Theme or colour required
  • Personalised names or initials required
  • Date you’d like the order TO BE SHIPPED, not the date you would like the order to arrive by (see below for shipping information)

Important info: 

Bakes contain Dairy, Egg & Gluten, please drop us an e-mail with any questions about ingredients that you may have.  

This cost includes the making of your custom embosser stamp used to create the biscuits, which will also be posted to you along with the biscuits so that you can keep this as a keepsake. 


As the nature of these products are postal, please take this into consideration when you receive your parcel, it will not arrive exactly how the product has been photographed.

Each product is individually wrapped in a cellophane bags and placed in bubble wrap.

Additionally, we CANNOT control the handling of parcels by the courier or the temperature these items are stored in through transit, so there is a small possibility that products can be damaged. However, this is a rare occurrence and the likelihood of it happening to your parcel is very low, as we package our items very carefully to avoid this.
We are also recovering from the pandemic and services are running a slightly slower. All of our products are posted to you via a 24 hour tracked service as we find this has been highly reliable, this service is taking 1-2 days, please be patient and choose your shipping date accordingly. The biscuits are baked fresh and packaged airtight, these will last up to two weeks, so if you have any worries - please select a date 2-3 days before you require them. 

The increased postage cost for this parcel, in comparison to our general baked items, arises from the parcel's larger size needed heightened protection and the utilisation of a premium expedited delivery service.

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